Jeremy Cass
North Berwick, ME
June 3, 2019

Damian Paisano was my Loan Officer and I cannot sing his praises enough. Purchasing my house was a unique situation in the sense that I was buying out the equity in a home I owned with my ex-wife. I was fortunate enough to have an amicable divorce without the need for lawyers, and when the opportunity came to possibly keep the house (which is close to my self-owned business) I was eager to figure things out and make things work for all parties.

Damian went above in beyond in helping me through this process and creating a situation that was win-win for all parties.

As this was only my second time buying a house I had a lot of questions. Damian walked me through multiple scenarios and mortgage options based on my resources. Damian answered all of my emails within 24hours. He texted with me during off hours. He even communicated with my mom who offered me a small loan! I am amazed he did this all the while his wife was giving birth to their son. Although I feel a bit guilty that he gave so much of his time while his son was being born, I am beyond grateful for his services.

What an asset Damian is. He treated me (and my ex-wife) with impartiality, dignity and respect. He even came to the closing to congratulate the occasion. During what was possibly one of the most stressful moments in my life, I am truly appreciative that Damian was the person to help me secure my home. Without him, and being able to live here, I do not think I would be in as good of a place or successful as I am now.

I appreciate Damian and his entire team.

Very Sincerely,

Jeremy Cass

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